The start of something awesome – Maybe

I’ve had this nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me that I really needed to start a blog. I used to have one back in the era of Myspace, but since switching to Facebook, I just haven’t taken the time to collect my thoughts through word. I have a physical journal, but I only occasionally write in it, and sometimes I wish that I could have people to discuss thoughts with.

I have to say, that I really miss writing. I find writing to be therapeutic, and it helps me to sort through my inner thoughts, and sometimes I find things out about myself that I may not have even known. It gives me a platform with which I can connect with people who may crave the same level of thought-sharing that I crave. I find it challenging to find people in the physical non-cyberspace world who share the same interests, so I anticipate that by turning to the larger (non-physical) world of the internet I will be able to find more people with which to share interests.

For me, writing is a way for me to express who I am at the core. You can’t really get a really deep sense of who a person is by seeing an occasional post or share on facebook. I miss this type of connection and communication on a genuine level. This is mainly why I’ve decided to start this blog.

I honestly don’t know what I will do with this blog. I know that it will be a huge mish-mash of different things since I have a wide array of interests. I am hugely interested in abstract concepts – psychology and personality profiling being some of my more recent obsessions. (I’m an INFJ personality type, by the way).

I may post some DIY projects with pictures, maybe a video or two from my youtube channel (although I don’t use youtube that much). I could honestly see myself posting almost anything – I could make a post in which I spend time contemplating the meaning of life on Monday, and then come back the following week to post a link to a “superficial” clothing haul video from youtube. 🙂 Whether you consider it good or bad, I enjoy beauty, and I like to buy, dress, and make myself up to look as beautiful as I can, so just a forewarning that this may make up a significant portion of my blog since it is a large part of who I am as a person. I have a physical persona that I like to project to the world, so to me it is important to maintain this physical entity.

Aside from that, I’m interested in art as I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I currently have been dabbling in painting. My medium of choice today is Gouache – which is similar to watercolor, but more opaque. I enjoy making costumes, and am interested in pattern design, and shopping at secondhand stores. I’ve become very interested in different eras of pattern making.

I also really like podcasts. My favorites are Invisibilia, Radiolab, This American Life, Lore, Strangers, Stuff You Should Know, and Stuff Mom Never Told You. These podcast bring up ideas that I like to play with and may serve as a stepping stone that I use to explore ideas and find connections between ideas that seem inter-related.

As far as my job, life, etc. goes, I am 29 years old, married to a sweet intelligent man (Myers Briggs ENTP in case you were wondering), and have 3 cats. I work at a large company as an Administrative Assistant, but over the course of my life, I have wanted to do a number of different professions, which are included in this order:

Singing Cowgirl (Kindergarten)
Author (Started in Kindergarten, but it would still be nice)
Car Designer (5th-6th grade)
Inflatable Waterpark Designer (very briefly for about a month around middle school)
Fashion Designer (7th-10th grade)
Interior Decorator (10th-11th grade)
Coffee Shop/gift shop Owner (11th-12th grade)
Therapist (11th grade)
Artist (My whole life)
Photographer (Last 2 years)
Psychologist (Last 2 years)
Neuroscientist (Current)

I’m sure I’ll get into why I chose the profession that I did, but that’ll be for a future blog post. 🙂

Anyway, I look forward to connecting with people who have similar interests as me. I look forward to learning more about you guys. 🙂


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