Insomniatic List Making

Yep, I just made up a word. I have a tendency to make lists when I can’t sleep.  🙂

My mind is bubbling over right now with all the things that I want to talk about and thoughts that I want to explore further. I really need to get some sleep, so I’m making a list of future blog ideas so that I can have them in mind for future posts… Sorry for the lack of context, if you do choose to read this post. I chose an accurate name for my blog when I called it “Christie’s Random Thoughts”. 🙂 I’m very tired, so some of these might leave me scratching my head when I come back to them… Also, I might be able to sort through some of this stuff without having to type it out, so some of them may not actually happen, but for now, these are the topics that I want to explore more deeply.

I’m in a heavy-thinky mood right now, so the list may seem deep and possibly a bit depressing or negative… I know that there will be many future posts that are lighter than this. 🙂

Here are topics I want to explore

  • My favorite instagram accounts and why
  • My background with Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Update: Posted blog entry on 12/29.
  • The impact of a news article about a beached whale that washed up on a nearby beach. Why the news affected me on a fairly deep level.
  • My feelings and thoughts on having children Update: Posted blog entry on 1/6.
  • My thoughts on aging
  • My thoughts on death and fear of death; Preparing for the inevitable
  • My bucket list & general goals
  • Peeling back the metaphorical layers – How I expose different parts of who I am as a person and who I choose to share this with.
  • What I want from this blog –  Is it purely for myself, or for others as well? (Kind of a meta post).  The inner conflicts I have with it being purely for  and about myself.
  • Exploring my own Personal Paradoxes
  • Cringy teenage poetry

Now that I’ve made this list and it’s in a place that I can access it and I won’t forget my thoughts, maybe I can get to sleep.



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