What’s The Appeal of Tiny Houses?

There’s something kind of magical about miniature houses.

When I see them, I picture a life of freedom and adaptability.

As a person, I’ve always been a realist with periods of pessimism. I’ve always been worried about money and making ends-meet. Even as a girl in high school, I would keep a budget.

Just recently, my husband and I bought a house, which I love, but we bought it with the knowledge that we would in a way become “grounded” here in this little boring town, and that if one of us were to lose our jobs, it could create havoc for us financially.

I honestly think this is one of the reasons why tiny houses are so popular. My generation has started their careers with a very hard task. Workplaces are striving for efficiency, and are hiring less and less people. There are simply not enough well paying jobs out there to allow many people the luxury of owning their own place. Living in a house is a luxury for my generation.

I think the economy shake up in 2008 scared a lot of people, including me. We learned that no job is secure. It’s not surprising that tiny houses have become a “trend”. You get to have the luxury of owning your own place, but don’t need to worry about spending so much money on month home bills, electricity, etc.

But there’s more to it than that. Without further ado, here are some of the reasons why I love tiny houses! 🙂

1. You can build it yourself– some people hate the idea of building it themselves, but as an enjoyer of making things, and a fan of the show “this old house”, the thought of designing and building a house from the ground up is super exciting!

2. You have smaller bills– even if you have somebody else build it, this will be the case. Your home bill will be much smaller than you would pay if you live in a regular sized house… Your other home-associated bills will be smaller too!

3. You can design it however you want – designing a smaller house is less daunting and complicated than trying to design a normal sized house. You can customize your house however you want. If you like to cook, make a fancy kitchen, or if you want to sleep under the stars every night, install a sky light! If you want to go off the grid, install solar panels!

4. You can put it on wheels and take it with you – If you build it with travel in mind, you will not need to worry about being tied down. If you decide to live somewhere else for whatever reason, you will have the freedom to take your house with you, and just leave.

5. It’s cozy – my husband will disagree with me on this, but I love the idea of living in a small house on a pretty piece of land. I think it’s cozy! 🙂

6. It forces you to live more simply – with less space for storage, you will learn to live with less and to be happy with what you have.


Anyway, I doubt that I will ever own a miniature house, but I still love the idea of it.

I feel like if this trend doesn’t fade, we will become more nomadic, and less career centric. I feel like we are living in a time where our culture is transitioning. My generation (generation Y) is a lot less satisfied with the 9-5 job as it is, and as it was for our parents… We feel like there is more to life than work, and that the focus of our lives should be on enjoying life. We don’t want to be chained to our decks, and place a large importance on personal freedom.

This means that we may (possibly willingly) have less money to do things with, and it will make owning a miniature house the most viable option.

Or, maybe this is all just my imagination. I’m curious about how you all feel. What do you think about the miniature house movement. Do you have any theories about the reason why they’re so popular right now?


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