10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Fresh flowersHand, Flowers, Violet, Lavender, Pick Flowers

2. The smell of crayonsCrayons, Colors, School, Drawing, Education, Colored

3. The feeling of my feet sinking into the sand at the beachFeet, Mud, Sand, Volcano, Earth, Gatsch, Black, Ten

4. Watching people put on makeupLipstick, Lipgloss, Lip Gloss, Lips, Red, Woman, Young

5. The sound of flowing waterStream, Creek, Brook, Nature, River, Rocks, Cool

6. Pretty lingerie under jeans and a tee shirtLace Bralette :: Under Shirt :: Boho Style :: How to wear :: Under wear :: See more Untamed Lingerie Ideas + Inspiration @untamedorganica: (source: forloveandlemons instagram page)

7. ThunderstormsWet, Glass, Rain Drops, Thunderstorm, Dark Clouds

8. The sound of babies laughingBoy, Baby, Laugh, Sweet, Blue, Eyes

9. Bookends 

10. People watchingTrain Station, Transportation, People, Crowd, Busy

What are some of your favorite things?


5 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. The smell of lilacs in the spring, The first vegetable sprout in my garden, the sound of my daughter laughing, thunderstorms, morning coffee…….so many things! 🙂

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