Is There Such A Thing As A “Wrong Decision?”

I recently began reflecting on this question… Is there such a thing as a wrong decision?

For most decisions where you need to make a conscious choice – like who you marry, what you major in, whether or not you go to school, what you do for work, etc. I don’t believe there is.

You make decisions that will impact the rest of your life, but I don’t think you do so in a way that will impact you for the worst or the better. Life is full of ups and downs, no matter what choice you would have made. You might not suffer in the same way as a result of your decision, but you will still suffer regardless of what you choose to do… The same thing goes for happiness. Certain aspects of your life may have been better than they are now, but some of them will likely be worse.

Even if you are going through something really bad as “a result of your decision”, you will come out at the end of it all a stronger person than you were.

Anyway, I still have to fight with myself sometimes, because I feel an intense need to control my life, and to always have control over situations that arise in my life. Reality is that outside influences will throw wrenches into your plans regardless of what decision you may choose to make.

So, don’t get so bogged down trying to make the right decision. Just do what you think will be best, and roll with the inevitable punches.


The Lighthouse

I took a much needed social break yesterday, and spent most of the day playing a game called “Gone Home” on the Playstation and watching Antiques Road Show.

For the first time in my life I got motion sickness. It was probably my fault because I was laying down while I was playing this game which is a “walking simulator” in first-person view. It was bound to happen.

The game is really good, though! You basically walk around this house and find hints that unravel what’s going on in this family’s life.

Anyway, I also got some art journaling in later in the day. I didn’t really want to get glue on my hands yesterday, so I just did some simple landscape paintings. Below is one of the paintings…I used gouache paint for all of it except for the whites – I used acrylic for that because my white gouache kept looking muddy after it dried.

I used to paint a lot before I started art journaling. It’s nice to get back to it temporarily.


As always, I did not gesso over the words on the page. I like them showing through.

Anyway, I hope you like it, and have a good Monday!😃

Keeping Things Simple

I just wanted to share a journal page I did somewhat recently. Sometimes it’s nice to just keep things simple.

There’s not much to this page. I used 2 cutouts of landscapes from an Anthropologie catalog, and framed them with text torn out of this book and some black scrapbook paper for contrast. For the background, I roughly tore out a premade background from a paper crafting magazine that I had and glued it directly to the book, then laid my landscapes on top. After that I used my Tim Holtz ink pad to stain the edges of the pages.

It turned out to be very reminiscent of a traditional scrapbook.


This page was more of a focus on colors than anything else. I wanted it to be calming to look at. I hope you enjoy it!

WordPress and INFJs

Hey, everyone! So I don’t think I’ve touched on it in any of my past blog entries, but I’m a huge Myers-Briggs nerd. It’s honestly pretty embarrassing how obsessed I am with it.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Myers Briggs is basically a personality profiling system that categorized you into personality types, but it’s way more than that. Here is a link to a pretty good article about it. You may want to read the article before you read the rest of my blog if you want it to make any sense. 🙂

Part of the reason why I initially became obsessed with Myers Briggs is because it gave me the ability to accept myself for who I am. It also taught me how others act and think, and made me more aware of different personality differences and how they interact with my own. It helped me to figure out why people act the way they do, and how to interact with those who think differently.

Throughout my life, I had always thought of myself as kind of weird compared to everyone else around me. I didn’t discover the Myers Briggs system until my mid 20s. When I discovered that I am an INFJ, suddenly everything clicked into place and I knew why I seemed so different my whole life. It’s because I literally think differently from others.

Before I discovered my personality type, I saw my sensitivity as a burden. In a way, it felt like I was broken, because I felt like even little things would affect me way more than they should’ve. I did a pretty good job of hiding my emotions, because I knew that if I didn’t I would just look like a wreck.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but many of my emotions were based on what others seemed to be feeling… I was friends with the people who had no friends because I didn’t want them to feel lonely. I could never seem to do anything for myself. It was always for others. This went with dating as well… I dated a bunch of guys because I felt bad telling them no, and didn’t want them to feel embarrassed. I just dated those people until things inevitably fizzled out, as I knew they would. (Not healthy, I know!) I basically did whatever everyone else wanted me to do for the most part. I actually had to make an effort to think about myself more. It is still something that I struggle with.

When I was younger, I also hated that while others seemed to be so decisive on their views of the world, I couldn’t even figure out my own (what should’ve been) core moral beliefs… I found out by reading up on my personality type (INFJ) that my type sees everything (and I do mean everything) as interconnected, and being able to see these interconnections is key to developing their beliefs. This is especially important when trying to see the big picture, which the INFJ tries to do in order to make informed decisions… When I was younger, I had fewer of these “connections” due to less life experience, less historical knowledge, less general knowledge, less sensory input, etc. I developed – and am still developing – many of my beliefs, and that’s okay!

I think that a good number of the people I meet on WordPress are INFJs, or are Intuitives in general. It’s honestly part of the reason why I started a blog here. Intuitives are greatly outnumbered in the world by Sensors, and INFJs in general, even more-so. I’ve been trying to find others like myself, and I feel like I have found other like minds here on WordPress, which I’m grateful for.

Don’t get me wrong. I love sensors, and I truly do believe that we all have a unique place in this world and have a unique part to play. Sometimes it’s nice to hear the voices in the background, though. 🙂

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you. Do you share any of my experiences? Has learning about Myers Briggs affected your life? What type do you test as? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Too Many Friends – It is a Thing.

A few days ago my husband and I were doing some everyday task, and chatting. I was “complaining” at him about people expressing interest in being my friend. I told him that I don’t want too many friends and that I need to slow down my friend-making for a bit. He thought it was funny.

I am actually serious, though. My husband and I share a bunch of friends, which we have over whenever we get a chance on the weekends. I work 7-4:30 most weekdays, and am lucky to be able to cram a workout, decompression time, a shower, and food in after work each day. I don’t have much time to hang out or talk to people on work nights… and then during the weekend, we usually go to one of our family’s houses to see them… and then try to have time to see our friend, or maybe I’ll see one if my friends.

And then, I generally try to get at least one day a week to “hermit” (yes, as a verb). This is necessary time for me to basically chill out and rest without having to worry about anything at all involving people. If I don’t get this time to myself, I tend to get cranky or have a stressful workweek the following week.

I try to be the best friend that I can possibly be, so I don’t like to spread myself too thin. I want to be available for each of my friends to call if they need me. This is a lot easier to do when you only have 4 close friends versus 14, because life happens. People are constantly going through ups and downs, and need varying amounts of support during the time of their lives. I want to be there for each of my friends equally when they need somebody.

Plus, I tend to be picky about who I  make friends with anyway. There are very few people (even within my friend group) who I feel comfortable baring my soul to… I don’t necessarily need to feel like I can bare my soul to them, but I do want to be friends with people who care about me and my well-being at least to a certain extent. If it looks like it’s going to be a one sided friendship, I tend to avoid that friendship in the first place.

Anyway, I like to think that I limit my friends for non-selfish reasons. I don’t want my friends to feel like I’m ever avoiding them, but I do need a substantial amount of time to myself. By limiting the number of friendships I have, I have the ability to fully focus on them when they may need me the most.

Art Journaling, Pretty Rocks, and Rose Gold Hair

Not sure how else to title this. 😊

I’ve been extremely into art journaling lately, and have just 4 pages left in my current journal before it’s full! A few months back I made my own hard bound journal. I’m usually pretty bad about not filling up my journals. Most of the journals I have are only half full or mostly empty, so this alone is quite an accomplishment! It’s really cool to be able to see my improvement and evolution over time.

The current journal thus far is gigantic… It doesn’t close properly anymore, which to a certain degree is just how art journals tend to be, but it still irks me a bit. Here’s how it looks currently.



I think if I make again I will put much fewer pages and build a much wider spine… also I’d make sure to secure the sewn up pages to the spine using e6000 or some other intense binding agent. A glue stick and glue gun didn’t cut it (and I shouldn’t have expected it to). 😌 That being said, despite all my handling, it had withstood majestically! 😊 In case you’re curious, here’s a link to the instructions I used to make my journal. It’s a surprisingly attainable hobby and I had a lot of fun making it.

I used a brocade fabric for the cover and some scrap booking paper inside.



Below are some of my favorite pages (that I have not showed in past posts).

  1. Although many of my favorites are fairly recent, my absolute favorite is actually this really simple one that i did early on with gouache paint and embroidery thread.


2. This one’s a bit more somber. that black thing in the middle is actually a torn up dryer sheet painted with india ink.IMG_20160531_185301

3. I was experimenting with some new paper that I had gotten. I found a great art supply store in Houston that had so much paper! It was really hard to choose! Here you can see 3 of the ones I selected – a gold one with circle cutouts, a lilac shade sheet with flower and leaves pressed into them, and a really unique fibrous white sheet. I love the textures that they bring.IMG_20160531_185336

4. This one was a lot of fun. most of it’s magazine cutouts. I used cut doilies for the clouds and used washi tape on some of the edges.IMG_20160531_185423

5.  There’s that fibrous paper again! This was done with india ink, and the text was actually from a really cool Barnes and Noble plastic shopping bag bag. That weird accordion looking paper below the signature was folded tracing paper. Edgar Allen Poe’s “signature” was copied from Wikipedia.IMG_20160531_185508

6.  This is a really simple one. I took an Anthropologie catalog and tore it up a bit, added some scrapbooking paper, and arranged it all. I didn’t feel like anything more needed to be done. I love the color combinations.IMG_20160531_185432

7. This was a fun one! Most of the background paper and images I got from a Lush catalog. I borrowed some text from an old Katie Daisy calendar for the quote… For the background, I glued down some of the catalog items, and then painted thickly over them with yellow and white paint in thick brush strokes.


8. For the one below, I took a page from an old book and cut it into a snowflake pattern by folding it up… I then used it as a stamp against a feather printed black and white scrapbook paper and painted it so that it made a negative. I applied the same technique again at the top, but tried using more pastel colors. After that, I glued down the painted up “snowflake” in the middle of the page, and used a white gel pen to add embellishments.IMG_20160531_185518

9. I got this amazing new paper by papers studio that incorporates a lot of floral patterns. I used that in this image against a background of yellow. I used a honeycomb stamp with an “antiquing” ink. I tore up strips of an old book and used those, and then used my white gel pen to add some more detail.IMG_20160531_185452

10. Perhaps by now you’re noticing a trend… I’ve been really enjoying using yellow. Below I placed a black and white photo against a painted background. I glued on some flowers, added white hearts, and then painted a shimmery pink-purple shift nail polish on parts of the girls dress. I added some glitter nail polish as well. The color shift on her dress is so nice! Here’s a video!


Anyway, I have already prepared a new art journal for future use. I used an old library book that I bought when the town library was selling some old books. The book I bought was an Agatha Christie novel called Murder on the Orient Express. I actually read the book before I started ripping it up and gluing pages together. The book was just okay, but that’s good since it was a lot easier to start pulling pages out of. 😊

What really drew me to buying the book was the cover. It’s a hard bound black book with attractive marbling on the inside covers.

In order to prepare the book, i removed every 3rd and 4th pages. This will hopeful keep it from looking so overstuffed, although I fully anticipate that it will look ridiculously overstuffed by the time I’m done. Every 1st and 2nd page have been mod podged together to make the pages thicker and make it easier to withstand the media that will be used on them. The book is now around 50 individual pages long.

I will need to buy some white gesso to cover the pages with since they are not white to begin with, although I’m also looking forward to using many of the pages as is.

I’ve been really itching to hit up antique shops and garage/estate sales to see if I can find vintage ephemera that I can use in my journals. Using magazines and stuff like that is cool, but I’ve found that my favorite pages involve decorations that I have a personal connection with – for example, restaurant menus, flyers I find at places I visit, etc. I like the idea of a piece of potential artwork having a history outside of a magazine or outside of hobby lobby… Here’s an example of a page I made using a restaurant menu. If you’re ever in Houston, you guys need to check out Barnabys Cafe! It’s the best!



Aside from art journaling, I’ve additionally gotten really into gemstones (again). It’s been an off-and-on passion of mine since I was a kid… I used to go down the rock covered driveway at my parents house looking for rocks that caught my eye. I remember distinctly finding a pretty large shiny pitch black rock and after some research discovered that it was obsidian. I also found an ammonite fossil at the top of a concrete pile behind a shed at my parents old house soon after they had moved in. I still have no idea how it got there.

It seems like an interest in geology runs in my family. My mom says that when she was younger, she would sleep with rocks under her pillow. My grandpa owns a fossil house on his farm and has a bunch of specimens. He used to find arrow heads all the time when they were plowing cotton, and has gone fossil hunting. When he discovered my love for rocks as a kid, he gave me a few for my personal collection. My mom has then in her attic right now. I should go over there and check then out… I remember my favorite was a mastodon tooth. My grandpa actually has a number of those… I have always wanted to go fossil hunting with him.

I just recently discovered the yearly mineral show that happens in Tucson and now it’s on my bucket list to attend it – along with getting to do some mining for gemstones myself, which has already been on my bucket list for a little while.

Also, (completely unrelated) I have plans to get my hair cut and colored. I have naturally blond hair, which I had dyed a very dark rich reddish brown. It was beautiful while it lasted, but it’s since faded to a cinnamon brown, and my roots are extremely grown out. It requires way more upkeep than I’m happy with, so I’ve been considering going back to blond. I think the auburn color only held for 2-3 weeks, despite the fact that I only washed my hair 3 times a week with shampoo specifically made for color treated hair.

I was on Pinterest yesterday searching for how I wanted to get my hair done, and found what I thought was the most beautiful hair cut/color combo that I think I’ve ever seen. See below!!!

It incorporates blond and rose gold. I love the idea of rose gold in my hair. It’s edgy, but just conservative enough to pass in the corporate world. I expect that the rose gold will not last very long, but that’s okay. It’ll likely just go back to blond. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and I hope to be sharing pictures really soon.


I feel like this was a very dense blog entry! That’s what happens when I don’t do it for a while.

Anyway, let me know if any of this resonated with you. Do you have a favorite art journal page? Any techniques that you use that you particularly enjoy? I hope to hear from you all!