The Immortality of the Written Word

I’ve recently gotten into bookbinding, but I’ve always been into writing.

Not long ago I began reflecting on the reasons why I’ve become so intrigued by books, manuscripts, and old journals. 

It’s because they serve as a kind of time capsule to the past. They let you into the mind of a human being that may have existed hundreds years ago. You get to observe history unfiltered through that person’s eyes, and can compare it to what you learned in history classes. I firmly believe that the stories that we learned in our high school and college history classes may not be completely accurate representations of the past. Whether intentionally tweaked to make the past sound better, or unintentional by misunderstanding something that may have been said, or for any reason in between, our understanding of the past is not completely accurate.

Finding a journal, or a book by somebody who lived during that time period allows you to see somebody experiencing and reacting to an event while they were living in the moment… This idea fascinates me.

Aside from this, I think it’s really kind of magical to find journals from people who may have passed away, whether it be ancestors or strangers. It allows you to go inside the person’s mind for as long as the journal exists. A person’s writings can live on for decades and possibly even centuries past. In this way, by writing, you are leaving a personal legacy.

With this thought in mind, I’ve been making journals for those that I love for Christmas. I made each one to reflect each person’s personality and interests. Below is a picture of the spines.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your holidays. Have you been making any gifts for your friends and family? I’d love to hear what you’re creating!


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