Journal 3 of 4: Sparkly Fantasy Journal

And these names have officially gotten crazy. 🙂

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I ended up making 4 journals as Christmas gifts – Each of them were made for some of the women I love the most. I want to share each of them, but I’m breaking up the posts into 4 so that each journal can be shared in detail without making the post stupidly long.

The third journal I’m going to share is the “Sparkly Fantasy” journal for my friend, Bianca… The name is dumb, but it describes it pretty well. Bianca and I have been friends since the sixth grade – so almost 20 years. She, I, and Alexis – one of the others I made a journal for (Journal #1 if you’re interested) – are commonly known as “The 3 Musketeers”, and “A, B, and C” because we were always together, and still continue trying to meet up as a trio. She and I are very different personality-wise, but the dynamic of our 3 relationships is awesome. 🙂 Bianca is what I’d describe as the “Girl Next Door”. She’s super funny, sweet, and passionate. She can also be direct like my friend Alexis, and she can talk very easily to anybody. She has a natural charisma.

Anyway! To the journal! As mentioned, I wanted each of them to reflect their owner’s personalities. My friend Bianca is also creative, and a bit of a dreamer. She and I used to exchange stories that we wrote in high school. Although she doesn’t write much anymore, she still enjoys stories. I wanted her book to look a bit otherworldly – like a journal that somebody in a fairy tale would have, but a bit more quirky. The sparkly paper that I found was the starting point and I found all of the other materials to go with it from there. 🙂

All of the necessary supplies I needed came from Hobby Lobby with the exception of the cardboard box and magazines and vintage paper that I recycled.

For most of the book, I used this sparkly damask print scrapbook paper in taupe and gray tones. I used a silver frame with gold linen paper in the middle. The corners are accented with antiqued gold photo corners.


Pretty from all angles. 🙂


This book was stitched using a metallic silvery-taupe colored embroidery thread. I hammered in an eyelet, and used multiple charms for this book. One is a sea green faceted stone, the other is a small lavender colored stone, and a little pearl. I also used a gray faux leather tassel and a gold anchor.


The damask paper wrapped around from the front, and was met with the gold linen textured paper.


I wanted each journal to be a bit eclectic and mis-matched to make them more quirky. The inside of this one is definitely brighter and more playful than the outside. I used a purple floral and swirly patterned paper as the inside cover, and used a blue toned scribble patterned sheet of scrapbook paper as the first page you see. I used a distressed looking piece of scrapbooking card-stock printed with bird cages and butterflies as the border for the quote I chose for this journal and for my friend. I did my best to find quotes that match each person, and this one fit her the best. The quote was done with a calligraphy pen, and is a Dr. Who quote.


Each journal that I made is a bit different from a traditional journal. Most of the pages are white and unlined, but I threw in some scrapbooking paper, envelopes, pockets, etc. to make it a bit more colorful and less traditional. The papers and patterns I chose correspond with the theme of the journal as a whole.


Another page for good measure. I like throwing in some nontraditional paper in different sizes to break the journal up and give it some visual interest.


Each journal that I made was made with the same template. 6 signatures containing about 3 pages folded in half a piece.


Here’s a picture of it getting ready to be boxed up and wrapped!


I hope she enjoys it, and I hope you found this post entertaining. (I also hope that she doesn’t read this blog post before this weekend when I give it to her, but if not… Hi Bianca!!! :p)

I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but if you want to learn the basics of bookbinding, Check out Sealemon on youtube. She has a bunch of unique, entertaining and inspiring tutorials for people new to bookbinding.

Basic bookbinding, in my opinion, is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most rewarding hobbies to get into. You generally have the materials needed to make a basic book around your house, and even if you mess up a bit the first time, the end result still looks good and is usable.

I hope you enjoyed this post! As mentioned, I will be making 1 more – I’m making one for each journal. Keep an eye out for that last post if you’re interested!🙂


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