Journal 4 of 4: Mermaid Journal

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I ended up making 4 journals as Christmas gifts – Each of them were made for some of the women I love the most. I want to share each of them, but I’m breaking up the posts into 4 so that each journal can be shared in detail without making the post stupidly long.

The fourth journal I’m going to share is the “Mermaid” journal for my little sister. My little sister is one of the most awesome people you could ever meet! She’s really bubbly, creative, and sweet, but also really wise. It’s fun to have somebody that I can be my ultimate goofy weird self with, and out of everybody I know, she is the most spontaneous person to hang out with. It’s no wonder that she has so many friends!

Anyway! To the journal! As mentioned, I wanted each of them to reflect their owner’s personalities. My sister has been really into mermaids lately, and her favorite colors are pink, purple, and aqua. I gathered my supplies based on this information… Her journal was by far the easiest to come up with, because she and I have similar tastes! I would love to keep her journal for myself. 🙂

All of the necessary supplies I needed came from Hobby Lobby with the exception of the cardboard box and magazines and vintage paper that I recycled.

For the front of this journal I used scrapbooking paper that looks watercolor stained in pink and purple. The mermaid scale spine wraps around from the back to the front. (Funny thing: My sister actually got me this scrapbooking pack from which I found this paper 🙂 ) The corners are accented with gold photo corners. I attached a sparkly purple and blue ombre ribbon that runs under the paper at the back of the book, and ties in a bow at the front. The “S” was done with a sparkly purple calligraphy pen and a gold gel pen against a pearlescent scrap of paper (hence why it’s reflecting the light). The “S” is framed in an antiqued white metal oval frame.


This book was stitched using a metallic embroidery thread with a really pretty color shift. The thread seems to shift from blue to purple to flecks of sea green depending on the light. I hammered in an eyelet, and used multiple charms for this book. One is a little antiqued metal medallion with the portrait of a mermaid nestled in it. I also used a faux leather aqual colored tassle, and a tiny vial of whitish glitter that shifts to pink and blue. The vial says “Fairy Dust” on it.


The back of this journal is pretty simple. It’s this watercolor print paper with a scale print on it.


I wanted each journal to be a bit eclectic and mis-matched to make them more quirky. For the inner book cover, I used a flamingo and floral print. Since the sheet I used for this print was kind of short, I added some rose gold alligator print wrapping paper to the outer edges of the front and back of the inner cover. The first signature I set in the book is a pink marbled print.


For the quote, I used a sheet of parchment paper set against a quilt background in purple, pink, and orange. I’m not sure who or where the quote is from, but it was hand written in a calligraphy pen. It matches the theme of the journal, and is a really good quote to use for my sister since she has always kept her warm and pleasant attitude and outlook despite any challenges she may endure. She is a very strong person, despite her cuddly and warm exterior. 🙂


Each journal that I made is a bit different from a traditional journal. Most of the pages are white and unlined, but I threw in some scrapbooking paper, envelopes, pockets, etc. to make it a bit more colorful and less traditional. The papers and patterns I chose correspond with the theme of the journal as a whole. I found this see through pink paper on clearance and had to have it! I used corner punch to make the pretty corners, and added a gift tag that I bought in the dollar section at target.


Each journal that I made was made with the same template. 6 signatures containing about 3 pages folded in half a piece.


Here’s a picture of it getting ready to be boxed up and wrapped! Side note: I love the pink cellophane paper that I’m wrapping this in, because it matches the journal perfectly. Maybe I’m projecting, but I hope she saves it to use in her journal. 😉


I hope she enjoys it, and I hope you found this post entertaining. (I also hope that she doesn’t read this blog post before Christmas when I give it to her, but if not… Hi, Sharon! Act surprised anyway! :p)

I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but if you want to learn the basics of bookbinding, Check out Sealemon on youtube. She has a bunch of unique, entertaining and inspiring tutorials for people new to bookbinding.

Basic bookbinding, in my opinion, is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most rewarding hobbies to get into. You generally have the materials needed to make a basic book around your house, and even if you mess up a bit the first time, the end result still looks good and is usable.

I hope you enjoyed this post! This concludes my 4 part “journal tour” entries. I hope that you enjoyed each of them!🙂 If you’d like to see more posts like this, let me know! I had a lot of fun making each of these posts.


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