Letter to Lily

Last weekend my husband and I lost one of our best friends. She’s been with us for almost as long as we’ve been married. 

As a way to memorialize her, I made this journal page. 

The poem on the left hand side is one that the emergency vet clinic sent us with a card later this week. 

The background paper behind Lily is actually a letter that I wrote to her. It pulls out. I drew a set of wings behind her image that reveal themselves when the letter is pulled out.

Here is the letter. 

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but she has a seizure Friday (Friday before last) night, and has to be rushed to the emergency clinic. They thought she had pneumonia, but when her breathing worsened, they said it might be something wrong with her heart, so we went to see a specialist. She was transported in an oxygen tank because she couldn’t breath outside of it. 

 The specialist took more x-rays and determined that there was air leaking from her esophagus into her chest cavity, and her chest cavity was infected, causing pressure on her heart. They said that she would need open chest surgery to get better with only a 25% chance of surviving the surgery. And that was with her being optimistic.
My husband and I had to make the excruciating decision to have her euthanized that day. It was one of the worst days of my life.

Our other cat, Meatball, had been acting differently since she passed… We know that he’d has been lonely since she’s been gone. 

Partially due to this, and partially due to the house feeling more empty, we decided to get a new kitten. 

We went through a breeder and got a Ragdoll kitten because we wanted to make sure we got a cat with a good temperment. We really wanted another cat that would follow us around and lay in our laps like Lily did. 

This bundle of adorable energy is Snowball. He’s a blue bicolor ragdoll, and he’s super fluffy and soft! He and Meatball did not take long to become friends. Meatball has been a great big brother. Here he is fluffed up after Meatball jumped on the couch.

A few fun facts about him: 

1. He has dewclaws on his back feet 

2. One of his ears is half white, and it’s adorable, but disqualified him from being a show cat. 🙂 Just look how cute!

He will never be able to replace Lily, and we would never try to do that. She was really special. 

She taught us both just how much we can love a cat, and we want to continue to share that. 

Snowball has taken to us very quickly, and he has been a pure joy to have in our house. He is so playful, and wants to get into everything – As most kittens do. He’s also very loving and gentle. He hardly ever bites, and hasn’t used his claws on us at all. When he wants to be picked up, he paws at your ankles, and meows. It’s really cute.

I’m looking forward to spending many happy years with him. 


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