Upcoming: Momento Mori Junk Journal


I was shopping at Michaels last weekend and found these bird skull charms. I ended up having to buy them, because they inspired my next junk journal that I will (hopefully) have up on my etsy shop sometime next week.

Because I like themes a lot, I plan on making each of my journals with a theme in mind. This is what I did when I made my family and friends theirs for Christmas. See those posts from December if you’d like to see pictures of those.

Anyway, the theme for my next one is Momento Mori. A Momento Mori is a reminder that we all have to die someday. They serve as reminders of our own mortality.

The concept may be seen as dark for some, but I personally feel as though it is important to accept that death as something that is unavoidable, and if we stop fearing it, we can learn to live more fully… There being an end point to our lives makes the time we have alive so much more precious.

I plan on mixing floral patterns into this journal, because in death, comes life. I think the end result will be beautiful.

I’ve decided to start keeping pinterest boards for each of my journals as inspiration strikes me. This’ll help me to start thinking about the journal so that I can keep an eye out for paper I like, ephemera I see at garage sales or in my junk mail. Here is the pinterest board for this particular journal: http://pin.it/Gebbayg

Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, Here is a link to my shop! I still don’t have much on it yet, but I hope to put more items for sale soon.

I also made my business an instagram account. I have more examples of what I plan on selling posted on there.

Anyway, do you have any good theme ideas for junk journals that I could make? I’d love to hear your input!


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