Momento Mori Journal Walkthrough


I posted my second journal up on my etsy today. By popular demand, I’ve decided to have blog posts showing the journals that I make.

I got inspiration for this journal when I found a sparrow skull charm at Michaels. It gave me the idea of having a journal with a “Momento Mori” theme, but I wanted it to also be a bit bright, so I made sure to add some florals and bright colors. 🙂

All of the necessary supplies I needed came from Hobby Lobby and Michaels with the exception of the cardboard box and magazines and vintage paper and beads that I recycled.

For the front of this journal I used scrapbooking paper that looks like aged  wrinkled leather in blue. I sponged on black paint to give it dimension. The aged looking bronzy-brown spine wraps from the back to the front. The corners are accented with bronzed photo corners. The cow skull is glued to the center front of the book and 2 sets of chains hang beside it.


This book was stitched using a light pink embroidery thread. I hammered in an eyelet, and used a bird skull charm and vintage bead charms for this book. Some of these beads looked like bone, which matched the theme.


The back of this journal is pretty simple. I used the same fabric as the one used in the front, and the spine continues to the back.


I always want each journal to be a bit eclectic and mis-matched to make them more quirky. For the inner book cover, I used a light yellow cow skull and floral print scrapbooking paper. The first page of the signature is a really pretty dark gray (almost black) sheet of scrapbooking paper covered with moths. Their bodies are embellished with gold glitter. On the inside front of the book, I layered some hand die-cut and embossed sheets, which I intend to keep blank for the new owner to use.


Each journal that I made is a bit different from a traditional journal. Most of the pages are white and unlined, but I threw in some scrapbooking paper, envelopes, pockets, etc. to make it a bit more colorful and less traditional. The papers and patterns I chose correspond with the theme of the journal as a whole. For the theme, I threw in some pure black sketchbooking paper sheets to this particular one.


Here’s another page: This one contains more ephemera which is included with the book.


Each journal that I made was made with the same template. 6 signatures containing about 3-4 pages folded in half a piece.



I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but if you want to learn the basics of bookbinding, Check out Sealemon on youtube. She has a bunch of unique, entertaining and inspiring tutorials for people new to bookbinding.

If you’d prefer to buy one already made, I have 2 for sale on my etsy shop now, and hope to start on a new one soon!

If you’d like to buy this journal, it is listed for sale here.

Here is a link to my etsy shop.

I hope you have a relaxing allergy free afternoon. (I have allergies today, so I’m feeling kind of bleh.) Can’t wait to talk to you all again soon. 🙂




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