I’m an Artist, Not a Cam Girl.

I’ve been trying my hand at Livestreaming my art process lately. So far, I’ve been utilizing Twitch Creative since it’s really the only platform I’m familiar with.

I personally like streaming my work, but have been feeling a bit frustrated by this platform. I feel as though the people who watch and/or interact with me just expect me to giggle and be cute for them. I feel like  many of the people who’ve been interacting with me could care less about what I’m working on or saying.

I believe it’s a demographic issue – the site (Twitch) is very male dominated and was originally exclusively a gaming platform.

Just so you know what I do, I have been live streaming the process of creating my junk Journals to sell on my Etsy shop. I just recently began using the face cam and have it pretty small on one corner of my screen, with my work space taking up the whole screen aside from that. I was hoping that i’d get more interaction from viewers if I had the face cam on. It did work, but I haven’t been getting the interaction that I really wished for. 

Whenever people interact with me, they mainly focus on my looks. I don’t mind compliments, but I feel as though most of the people who interact with me only care about what I look like… They’re not interested in what I’m doing or saying… And then yesterday as I was streaming, one person has the gall to start sending me very vulgar personal messages (which pop up on my screen while I’m live streaming, making me flustered). I ended up blocking him.
When I got into bed, I felt really down. Even before this happened, I had been thinking about how much emphasis is put on looks. It’s incredibly frustrating as a woman to be judged on what is essentially the shell of who I am. A lot of times I feel like less than a person. Yesterday I really felt that way…

That being said, I wanted to see if anyone else might know of a live streaming service that caters more towards artists. 

I will likely continue streaming on Twitch otherwise, and will – hopefully – start having followers or watchers who actually care about what I’m doing and talking about that as opposed to just watching me like I’m a chunk of meat.

I’m contemplating the idea of not using a face cam at all.

 Maybe I just had a bad day yesterday.
I’ll try again today or tomorrow. If you read my blog, I assume that you are more than likely interested in me for me- as a person, or me as an artist and crafter…  I rarely post pictures of myself so I know that you guys and girls care about something that is much more genuine then just the way I look.

So if you do happen to watch people on twitch, I’d be happy if you subscribe or stop by to say hi. 🙂 I’m not sure how to get a link to my page, but my user name on twitch is themermaidcove. It would be nice to renew my excitement in Twitch because I feel like it’s such a cool thing to be able to share what I do and to watch people share what they do and to interact with them while they’re working. There’s something really special about that.


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