How I Spend My Free Time – Guilt-Free Lazy Days?

In the past year, I have noticed a pretty drastic change in how I Spend my free time and how I feel comfortable spending it.

I think it all started when I began my little business on Poshmark. From that point on, I’ve become a teeny bit of a workaholic.

But it’s more than that.

It’s gotten to the point now that if I feel like I’m doing anything passive, I’m wasting my time. Granted, this doesn’t apply if I’m with my husband or hanging out with friends. It for the most part only applies when I’m alone.

To me, time awake and by myself must be spent doing one of the following:

  • Working out (improving my body)
  • Working my side businesses -either Poshmark or Etsy (because it provides money)
  • Listening to or watching something educational that teaches me about the world
  • Cleaning (while listening to a podcast)
  • Creating something new

I think that the last bullet is an item that can easily help me wind down, but not always… Sometimes I just want to sit on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars and eating a bucket of ice cream.

I’m personally not sure if my “need” to do something I deem as productive at all times is a good or bad thing… I feel pretty tired today, and although I feel like I should work out or at least do something else that’s productive my mind and body are both very tired today and I just want to lay around and binge on tv. I feel like I could use a rest, but I feel like if I did I will be missing out on something and I know that I’d feel guilty afterwards.

I am going to need to stay conscious about this, because I could very easily see this aspect of myself burning me out… I think everybody needs breaks every now and then, and this feeling of “guilt”when I take a break every once in a while seems like a bit if a yellow flag for me.

Do any of you do this? How do you keep a balance?



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