Why Are My Dreams Always So Weird?

I don’t know why, but these last 3 nights in a row I have had the most random/disturbing/weird dreams of all time.

I woke up last night from this one, and I just had to make a note of it. So at 2 in the morning I opened the Keep app on my phone and recorded it. I’m really glad I did. Here’s a portion of my dream from last night:

There were 2 average looking men modeling a new lipstick line from loreal. They were smiling awkwardly next to a well dressed male announcer at a potium. The “models” were average guys wearing normal guy clothes. Except one guy was wearing a nude pink lipstick and the other was wearing an almost pastel barbie pink. The announcer was announcing the colors in the new line. He said, “The colors range from nude pink (Tabitha in the bath) to Red (Tampon in the rug)”. The lipstick have a glossy finish.

It should be noted that one of the men (the one wearing pastel barbie pink) had previously been in a dream scene where he was upset and moping by a lake because his wife had misplaced his zippered binder full of music CDs.

I just can’t get over the names of the lipsticks though. “Tampon in the Rug”? Really? Who in their right mind would wear that???

Anyway, I’m sure that I will not be hired by Loreal or any other cosmetic line to name their colors, so whatever. 😏